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Methuen Drama’s well-established and highly respected directory is updated and published each year. With the aim to support actors in their training and continued search for work on stage, screen and radio, it is the only directory to provide detailed information for each listing and specific advice on how to approach companies and individuals. A true time-saver and necessary asset for anyone working in the industry, the book collates agents and casting directors to producing theatres, showreel companies, photographers and much more. Edited by Lloyd Trott, the academy dramaturg at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), London, it is a unique and essential reference book that selects only the most relevant and reputable contacts for the actor.

The 2020 Yearbook features several new articles and commentaries and expands on aspects of the profession not previously covered, as well as continuing to provide valuable insight into auditions, interviews and securing work alongside a casting calendar and financial issues. Once again, this directory is a valuable professional tool in an industry where contacts and networking are key to career survival.

 Key features of the Actors and Performers Yearbook

  • Provides up-to-date information for each contact – including productions, casting details, agents and whether they will accept approaches direct – saves hours of research
  • More than just a listings directory – contains advice articles and tools such as the casting calendar, which outlines when theatre companies will receive CVs
  • Actor training and professional development is covered, including training for under 18s, drama schools and short and part-time courses and private tutors and coaches
  • Features up to four brand new articles every year, giving timely advice in response to today’s fast-changing industry

Highlights of the 2020 Actors and Performers Yearbook

EQUITY PENSION SCHEME – Andrew Barker @ First Act

“Since October 2012 new legislation has gradually applied to all UK Employers to ensure that they provide a suitable pension product for their workers. ”

This article answers all the key questions about the EPS from how it works for both stage and TV work, through how you pay into it and to how you can join.

The Multi-Hyphenate Comedy Actor-Performer-Writer – Chris Head

“In my view the best thing you can do to develop as a comedy actor-performer is to become a comedy actor-writer-performer.”

Read the whole post here in our BLOG 

Be prepared for publicity – Jayne Trotman

“Congratulations! You get a great job, meet the director, producer, cast members, start work and then someone asks whether you will you do some publicity for the project. What does that really mean and do you have to do it? If you have been asked, then the answer is most probably yes.”

Tax and National Insurance for actors – Philippe Carden

Learn how to manage your taxes and avoid pitfalls, without relying on an accountant, in this useful guide.

Ignition, Inspiration, and the Imposter – Scott Graham

“This is why I love my job. I learn something every day. I learn about you, I learn about characters and I learn about me. When I get asked a question at a post-show discussion I often think that the student believes they are asking me what I know without realising that the act of asking is helping me form those thoughts. Those thoughts can surprise me. I would not know that I thought that if they had not asked me that question.”


“A map, compass, guide-book”

Simon Callow

“An essential tool for all actors” 

Christine Payne, Equity

Use of this book will save you time and money

Samuel West


Peter Hall