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Since 2014, Methuen Drama’s Actors’ and Performers’ Yearbook has been guiding creative professionals as they pursue their dreams and progress their careers. With annual editions, each updated to reflect shifts and trends within the industry, readers are supported in their training and their continued search for work on stage, screen and radio.

A comprehensive directory, the A&P Yearbook features all manners of resources and listings, ranging from casting calendars and agent almanacs to breakdowns of how tax and National Insurance works for actors. With this depth and selection of content, the Yearbook saves creatives hours of research whilst also offering a clear path to progress their careers. Simply put, it is the essential reference book for actors and performers everywhere.

Equally, the Yearbook isn’t only a handbook for the year to come, but also a reflection on the year that’s just been, with experts and professionals offering thoughtful and informative guides on contemporary issues in the industry. From interviews that discuss the important role of inclusivity and allyship in training, to actionable guides on how auditions work in a socially distanced world, the Yearbook is the only directory to provide detailed and specific advice in-line with the times.

Key features of the Actors’ and Performers’ Yearbook

  • Provides up-to-date information for each contact – including productions, casting details, agents and whether they will accept approaches direct – saves hours of research
  • More than just a listings directory – contains advice articles and tools such as the casting calendar, which outlines when theatre companies will receive CVs
  • Actor training and professional development is covered, including training for under 18s, drama schools and short and part-time courses and private tutors and coaches
  • Features up to four brand new articles every year, giving timely advice in response to today’s fast-changing industry

Highlights of the 2022 Actors’ and Performers’ Yearbook

Arts Emergency – Julie Hesmondhalgh

“There has been an insidious mindset creeping into our national psyche, no doubt massively exacerbated by the prohibitive costs of higher education tuition fees, that somehow a career in the arts is pie-in-the-sky and unrealistic, and that an arts or humanities degree or drama/art school training is not worth the investment.”

Interview: Tom Ross-Williams Inclusivity and Allyship for the Future of the Industry (new for 2022!)

“Not everyone has equal access to bring their full selves as they come into a rehearsal room, so I explore how we create equitable spaces that acknowledge that. I ask what it means for the person who isn’t sat next to on the train because of how they look to walk into that room”

Interview: Ned Bennett; The Direction of Collaboration (new for 2022!)

“Ultimately the communal aspect of it, of making a mini-community in a space. I do feel like the more you attempt to bring what you and your team, everyone in the room, are all genuinely actually interested in – whether it’s something particular you’ve seen in a music video or a style of comedy that you’ve become fixated with on TV, or a political ideology”

Tax and National Insurance for actors – Philippe Carden (updated for 2022!)

“Actors are treated as self-employed for income tax purposes, but can benefit from certain advantages not generally available.”

“A map, compass, guide-book”

Simon Callow

“An essential tool for all actors” 

Christine Payne, Equity

Use of this book will save you time and money

Samuel West


Peter Hall